On-site or off-site shredding? Which is best for you?

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On-site or off-site shredding? Which is best for you?

In November 2020, Singapore has passed a more stringent punishment for data breaches relative to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). This means a higher fine on top of the reputational and future income loss if your organization commits a data breach (cost of not shredding). Often such breaches are due to human error and can be easily avoided with the proper help. To prevent such unfortunate events from occurring, there are frameworks that many PDPA consultants can help your organization set up. When it comes to document disposal, there are a few options in the market you can choose from.

On-site or Off-site shredding?

when engaging outsourced shredding companies, you might get asked if you will like to have your documents shred on-site or off-site. What do they mean?

On-Site shredding refers to shredding your document at your location. Depending on the shredder the company uses, the shredding usually takes place at your office building’s loading/unloading bay. This is because they often deploy truck-mounted industrial shredders to perform high speed shredding. On-site shredding is convenient where their crew will bring down all the documents under your instructions and shred in your presence. When the job is done, you simply walk back to your office. With the added convenience, it usually comes with a higher pricing rate. Often they are more cost effective for smaller loads and the price quickly adds up if you have large amount of documents (think a conference room stacked full of documents).

Off-site shredding refers to shredding your documents back at the service provider’s facility where they will have a much larger and higher speed shredder. Such services are usually priced for large volume of shredding and will be much lower as compared to on-site shredding of a similar volume. Security wise, it is not compromised as the crew are well trained and the trucks used are GPS tracked every step of the way until the documents are shredded. Most companies offers the option for you to witness the shredding process at their facility in the comfort of a witnessing room. (ps. If you timed it will, you could possibly earn yourself a couple hours off from work.)

So how should you choose?

Answer is: it depends. It depends on the amount of documents you are looking to shred. As a rule of thumb, if it is more than 500kg (>50 boxes) it is more cost effective to go with off-site shredding. On security aspect, I will say both are as secure and safe so there is nothing to worry. However, if your company’s policy does not allow for document to leave campus unshredded then you can only opt for on-site shredding.

Tay Paper Recyling is the leading integrated paper shredding and recycling company in Singapore and can meet all of your need for both on-site and off-site shredding. Do not hesitate to contact our friendly advisors to discuss a solution that best fit you.

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