3 reasons you should have one-time shredding after returning to the office

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3 reasons you should have one-time shredding after returning to the office

With the COVID-19 situation improving and the arrival of vaccines in Singapore, more and more people are returning to their offices. It is very likely that Singapore will settle into a hybrid model of both working from home and working in offices. With the increase in people returning to offices, we are getting more requests for one time bulk shredding even for existing clients who have regular shredding schedules.

3 reasons you should have one-time shredding after returning to the office

  1. Better protection against data leakage – During the WFH (working from home) period, employees may have brought back documents to work on or printed using their home printers. These documents may have been consolidated into piles or boxes and they contain information like client list, personal information, business strategy etc. These are probably stuff that you wouldn’t prefer to have anyone else reading them. Any leaks will be costly in fines and reputational damages.
  2. Data security management – Leaving sensitive documents lying around unsecured in employees’ homes is already less than ideal from the perspective of data security management. Imagine if the household member of your employee is a PDPC officer or worse, a competitor. What kind of data security policy will you like to have with regards to WFH? The very least you could do is to encourage employees to keep the documents securely and enforce them bringing them back to the office for secured shredding.
  3. Reduce human negligence – If you leave it to your employees to “securely” dispose of those documents they are likely to just chuck them in the rubbish bins. Some may tear them by hand before disposing of. Some may even sell to Karang Guni (scrap collector or rag-and-bone man). Can you imagine the level of exposure that your company has with this kind of document disposal handling? It is limitless!

Protect your company from data leakage damages by shredding with us. Our shredding specialists will be with you every step of the way to help secure shred your documents. Trained collection crew equipped with best in class equipment and experience will ensure your documents will never be leaked. Thousand of clients have benefitted from our services. Book us now. Send your enquiry to sales@taypaper.sg or call 6558 6842.

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